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Experienced DC with 30 years helping others.

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Secrecy and debt

"It was the secrecy that nearly killed me" reported Helen who finally found peace of mind in the acceptance of an IVA. She had hid her growing debt problem from her partner throug... Read more
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Money matters!

The American millionaire Rockefeller was once asked “how much money does it take to make someone really happy”.  “Just a little bit more” he replied. Rich an... Read more
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During an IVA - relating to our IVA company

IVA Companies make mistakes, and people that supervise our case can vary in their availability, empathy and support. Some people do have bad experiences &nd... Read more
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During an IVA - finding support

Debt can be a very lonely place to be and some confess the fact that they even kept their debt from their partner/spouse. Our shoulders are only so broad to cope with th... Read more
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During an IVA - keeping a lid on outgoings

One of the common themes of the stories from those who have undertaken an IVA is the need to live within a stricter budget. This involves care in where our mo... Read more
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During an IVA - Maximising income

To be honest, it’s difficult to increase income during an IVA without it affecting the IVA payment level. This payment level is based on affordability and increa... Read more
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What happens at a creditors' meeting?

Once the groundwork has been done and the Insolvency Practitioner is satisfied that details are correct regarding a debtor’s income, outgoings, assets and de... Read more
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Do I have to pay a fee to apply for an IVA?

There are always fees involved in an IVA. The Insolvency Practitioner is a professional who needs to be paid. Time and expertise are required in ascertaining... Read more
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Will I need to open a new bank account in an IVA?

Except for the very few, we all need a bank account. And for many entering an IVA, they owe their own bank. Either an overdraft, a loan or a credit car... Read more
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Lump sum IVA's

The assumption so far in this book is that the IVA’s we have been referring to are fixed in length (usually 5 years) and based on affordable monthly payments. But there is a differ... Read more