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Will I need to open a new bank account in an IVA?

Except for the very few, we all need a bank account. And for many entering an IVA, they owe their own bank. Either an overdraft, a loan or a credit car... Read more
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Lump sum IVA's

The assumption so far in this book is that the IVA’s we have been referring to are fixed in length (usually 5 years) and based on affordable monthly payments. But there is a differ... Read more
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I have a car on finance - what happens in an IVA?

The number of cars on finance has rapidly increased in the past few years. PCP is now by far and away the largest method of such deals. It allows us to... Read more
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Can I go for an IVA whilst self-employed?

The self-employed are not immune from debt problems. In fact given the erratic nature of their income, often cash flow problems emerge – bills need payin... Read more
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Is it possible to propose a joint IVA?

Of necessity, an IVA is a single debt solution. The letter “I” in IVA stands for individual. However when it can be demonstrated that a couple (marrie... Read more
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Could I lose my house in an IVA?

For homeowners, an IVA may well be a much better option than bankruptcy. In bankruptcy the house is at risk – the debtor may have to come up with a lump sum repre... Read more
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Things to consider before choosing an IVA

·         Possible release of home equity – if not possible then often debtors are asked to make IVA mont... Read more
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When an IVA is not the right answer

Income levels could be a reason for avoiding an IVA. As already mentioned, it is possible to have too little or too much income. Too little income may mean that a mi... Read more
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The benefits of an IVA 

·         Debt free in 5 years (occasionally IVA’s last longer but 5 years is the norm). ·    &... Read more
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Facing up to our debt

The average household is £13,000 in debt (excluding mortgages). The average credit card debt is £2504 according to the Money Charity (March 2017). If we’re fort... Read more