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Experienced DC with 30 years helping others.

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Coronavirus and the future

It feels like we are existing in a bubble at present with isolations, lockdowns and everywhere closed. Some have speculated that coming out of this crisis, whenever that shou... Read more
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Coronavirus and my IVA

The coronavirus is creating plenty of problems for everyone – not least those in IVA’s. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t make your regular IVA... Read more
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Coronavirus and my debt

Clearly we are living in unsettling times. Unprecedented lockdown requirements followed by uncertain employment status has led many to seek further financial help. And help in f... Read more
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The cost of an IVA

There are always fees involved in an IVA. The Insolvency Practitioner is a professional who needs to be paid. Time and expertise are required in ascertaining the facts of an individ... Read more
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Too proud to seek help? A personal story.

My story began several years ago when my wife had to give up work with a serious back complaint, at that time I had one son in university and another son just... Read more
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Things I wish I had been taught

Money management should be an essential part of our school curriculum. Thrust out into the world with its bewildering choices and endless opportunities, we need some pre... Read more
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My debt - my fault?

There is a perception around that to be in significant debt, there must be some recklessness around. We’ve enjoyed the high life for a few years and its now payback time. And... Read more
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The blame game - a personal story

Anxiety, embarrassment and fear – those were the three words that consumed me as I saw my finance situation spiral out of control through no making of my own. &... Read more
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Case study - maternity costs

The arrival of Hannah was meant to be one of the happiest events in Felicity and her partner’s lives. And indeed it was. However, Felicity on sharing her story, admit... Read more
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Case study - joint debts - different solutions

David and Sarah have been married for 5 years and during this time each had accumulated debt. Apart from their joint £500 overdraft, David had a loa... Read more