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My debt - my fault?

There is a perception around that to be in significant debt, there must be some recklessness around. We’ve enjoyed the high life for a few years and its now payback time. And... Read more
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The blame game - a personal story

Anxiety, embarrassment and fear – those were the three words that consumed me as I saw my finance situation spiral out of control through no making of my own. &... Read more
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Case study - maternity costs

The arrival of Hannah was meant to be one of the happiest events in Felicity and her partner’s lives. And indeed it was. However, Felicity on sharing her story, admit... Read more
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Case study - joint debts - different solutions

David and Sarah have been married for 5 years and during this time each had accumulated debt. Apart from their joint £500 overdraft, David had a loa... Read more
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Case study - paralysed by shame

Looking back, Brian was unsure why he had been so reluctant to admit there was a problem with debt. All debts were paid on time, and because his outstanding credit ratin... Read more
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Case study - can I offer a lump sum?

Jane explained that she had been struggling with debt since her late teenage years over 10 years ago. Overspending when she first was offered credit led to pat of h... Read more
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New Year - new habits: hope for the future

Light at the end of the tunnel is a recurring theme for those winning the battle to complete an IVA successfully. Its a recurring phrase because it sums up th... Read more
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New Year - new habits: no more credit?

Credit can be very seductive. Advertisers have made a fortune on the back of the buy now, pay later rhetoric. Interest free credit, 0% balance transfers, cars we... Read more
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New Year - new habits: minimising outgoings

One of the common themes of the stories from those who have undertaken an IVA is the need to live within a stricter budget. This involves care in where our m... Read more
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New Year - new habits: working overtime?

To be honest, it’s difficult to increase income during an IVA without it affecting the IVA payment level. This payment level is based on affordability and... Read more