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Experienced DC with 30 years helping others.

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HOW TO SURVIVE LIFE AFTER AN IVA - Rebuilding a credit rating

For many, once the IVA is successfully completed they vow never to touch credit again. They speak of lessons learned and look back on the d... Read more
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HOW TO SURVIVE LIFE AFTER AN IVA - Receiving the completion certificate

Once we have made our final payment into the IVA, it will be up to the Insolvency Practitioner to complete the IVA paperwork. The... Read more
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Surviving an IVA - part 4 - Finding support

Debt can be a very lonely place to be and for some can even involve keeping the debt from their partner/spouse. Our shoulders are only so broad to cope with... Read more
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Surviving an IVA part 3 - Cash is King

Credit can be very seductive. Advertisers have made a fortune on the back of the buy now, pay later rhetoric. Interest free credit, 0% balance transfers, cars we... Read more
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Relating to our IVA Company

IVA Companies make mistakes, and people that supervise our case can vary in their availability, empathy and support. I came acriss two very different reviews - one highlight... Read more
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Surviving an IVA part 1

Let's be honest - life in an IVA can be tough. For some its a very abrupt change of lifestyle and for most there is that worry that the car or the boiler may pack in at any mome... Read more
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The cost of having a baby – Felicity’s story

The arrival of Hannah was meant to be one of the happiest events in Felicity and her partner’s lives. And indeed it was. However, Felicity on shar... Read more
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Refused a joint IVA – David & Sarah’s story (with a happy ending)

David and Sarah have been married for 5 years and during this time each had accumulated debt. Apart from their joint £500 ove... Read more
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Admitting there was a problem – Brian’s story

Looking back, Brian was unsure why he had been so reluctant to admit there was a problem with debt. All debts were paid on time, and because his outsta... Read more
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1. A Full and Final IVA – Jane’s story

Jane explained that she had been struggling with debt since her late teenage years over 10 years ago. Overspending when she first was offered credit led to pa... Read more