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An IVA when separating

One of the sad consequences of lockdown is the deterioration of some relationships. Maybe spending so much time under the same roof exposes and widens cracks in our relationship... Read more
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An IVA when self-employed

The self-employed are not immune from debt problems. In fact given the erratic nature of their income, often cash flow problems emerge – bills need paying on time, but i... Read more
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Debt matters

The average household is £13,000 in debt (excluding mortgages). The average credit card debt is £2504 according to the Money Charity (March 2017). If we’re fortunate enou... Read more
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Could an IVA be the answer?

One of the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic is that more and more people are going to find themselves in serious debt. Not that personal debt and insolvency was... Read more
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What can I do about my IVA during lockdown?

The key information recently provided by the Insolvency Service suggests that help is on hand for those struggling with IVA payments during the current Coron... Read more
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Can I still apply for an IVA in lockdown?

The Insolvency Service has just issued guidelines on the impact of the Coronavrus and those looking at IVA's (or other insolvency debt solutions). Contrary to... Read more
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Coronavirus and the future

It feels like we are existing in a bubble at present with isolations, lockdowns and everywhere closed. Some have speculated that coming out of this crisis, whenever that shou... Read more
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Coronavirus and my IVA

The coronavirus is creating plenty of problems for everyone – not least those in IVA’s. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t make your regular IVA... Read more
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Coronavirus and my debt

Clearly we are living in unsettling times. Unprecedented lockdown requirements followed by uncertain employment status has led many to seek further financial help. And help in f... Read more
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The cost of an IVA

There are always fees involved in an IVA. The Insolvency Practitioner is a professional who needs to be paid. Time and expertise are required in ascertaining the facts of an individ... Read more