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Can I keep my car on finance in an IVA?

The number of cars on finance has rapidly increased in the past few years. PCP is now by far and away the largest method of such deals. It allows us to effective... Read more
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Self-employed and struggling with debts

The self-employed are not immune from debt problems. In fact given the erratic nature of their income, often cash flow problems emerge – bills need paying... Read more
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Do I have to involve my partner in my IVA?

Of necessity, an IVA is a single debt solution. The letter “I” in IVA stands for individual. However when it can be demonstrated that a couple (ma... Read more
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Is my house safe in an IVA?

For homeowners, an IVA may well be a much better option than bankruptcy. In bankruptcy the house is at risk – the debtor may have to come up with a lump sum representi... Read more
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When a DMP may be better than an IVA

Charlie had mounting debts and the COVID pandemic had severely reduced his income. He runs a business and was used to drawing a regular salary plus significant divi... Read more
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When an IVA may be better than a DMP

Clive had been stuggling with debt for many years. What started as a manageable credit card debt somehow escalated over time, with loss of earnings for a period an... Read more
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Debt Management Plan advantages

1. It's a private agreementA Debt Management Plan is not a formal insolvency procedure. As such your name is not included on any formal register. No-one will find o... Read more
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IVA advantages

·         Debt free in 5 years (occasionally IVA’s last longer but 5 years is the norm). ·      ... Read more
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IVA’s – too good to be true?

That is the reaction of some people on hearing that no further interest will be added, significant amount of debt will be written off and they be legally protected from... Read more
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IVA’s – too risky to be considered?

We often on this site extol the virtues of IVA’s. They do indeed work as a great debt solution for many people. But not for everyone! And if you find yours... Read more