The American millionaire Rockefeller was once asked “how much money does it take to make someone really happy”. “Just a little bit more” he replied. Rich and poor and the rest of us in between – we’re all interested in money. We can dream of hitting the jackpot – but even this doesn’t guarantee happiness (though most of us wouldn’t mind putting it to the test). For many who have been there and done it and got the IVA t-shirt, key lessons have been learned. About planning and budgeting and living within means and the freedom that comes from being in control of our money rather than it being in control of us. Money affects just about everything – hopes, plans and dreams. Payday can be a wonderful occasion – or a sober realisation that there just isn’t enough. Money can affect our health our relationships and whole outlook. Challenging and sometimes painful though an IVA may be, the testimony of many folk seems to be one of liberation. No more giving in to the seduction of the lenders are advertisers, or the spending impulses that may have contributed to our debt problem. Our post-IVA worldview values money and celebrates its power to offer choice, to provide and to give. For many, our post-IVA world, still remembers the bad old days of debt, but are now in a far better place – of care and control and contentment.