Grace had made her last IVA payment. Her IVA Company confirmed as much and assured her that the completion certificate would be with her soon. The sense of achievement was palpable. Looking back the 5 years had gone quickly. Older and hopefully wiser she was looking forward to the feeling of success and the satisfaction of finally emerging debt free. She had done the best she could and creditors had received at least a proportion of their debt back. She had flirted with bankruptcy initially but wanted to repay what she could.


And now she was pleased it was all over. Earlier in the IVA she had anticipated going slightly mad at the end – throwing a party, having a holiday, going on a shopping spree. And indeed she did have 1 or 2 slightly more modest plans up her sleeve. But she had surprised herself with some lessons learned along the way. She had always been sceptical of budgeting – too much fuss – but now was a convert. Her parents mantra – if you can’t afford it don’t buy it – was now embraced with more vigour


Whisper it quietly, but she had even managed to save a little during the last couple of years of the IVA. Nothing that her Insolvency Practitioner felt was inappropriate, but it did give a great sense of what can be. She had actually grown accustomed to a more controlled budget and was planning to save the IVA amount she was no longer having to pay, and build up a little nest egg. Who know what opportunities could lie around the corner!