Tony was exactly half way through his 5 year IVA. Overall he was pleased at the way things had gone. It was a blow to discover that his recent pay rise had meant the IVA payment level had increased. And it still felt a long time till the IVA finished. He had to keep reminding himself that he had broken the back of it and the second half might go quicker than the first half but sometimes it felt like a slog.

Before the IVA he had been used to regular overseas holidays and now he couldn’t. Friends went for a night out at least once per weekend. He joined them when he could but longed to be unrestricted. And his car was still going but he worried for how much longer. He felt the half way stage was the hardest stage – initial enthusiasm had waned and the end was a long way off.

But he also remembered the alternative. The anguish of debt letters. The feeling of being out of control. The shame that prevented him from sharing the burden with family or friends.  

Perseverance was the name of the game. A sense of stamina was required and Tony was determined to see it through. 30 months to go but very soon that will be 29. And then 28. And in just over 2 years from then he will have a good job, no debt, a credit rating on its way up and plenty more options. All in all the journey may be long, but so worthwhile.