Martha was 4 months into her IVA. The relief of finally getting her debts under control with one affordable payment was beginning to wear off. After making the IVA payment the rest of her money was hers. She had grown used to living in an overdraft so to have a positive balance in her new bank account was a novelty. Fixed bills were paid early, allowing her to budget for remainder of the month. But it didn’t leave a whole lot.   


Martha found that finances were tight and where in the past she put things on a credit card and worried about it later, now there was no credit card. In fact the final few days before payday came round again, there was almost nothing. She was expecting to make some sacrifices but reality was beginning to bite.


Further belt tightening was required requiring a rethink of supermarket shopping and an acceptance that the treats were to be limited to the occasional rather than regular status. It took a little adjusting and she remembered that she had been told the IVA was not plain sailing. But she maintained that it was all very worthwhile. She did have enough for everyday living and the adjustments in spending habits would be good lessons to learn. No more threatening letters, no anxious wait to see who was knocking at the door. And a sense that things finally were under control and she could start to tick off the months to a debt free future.