There is a perception around that to be in significant debt, there must be some recklessness around. We’ve enjoyed the high life for a few years and its now payback time. And yet this rarely seems the case when people get in touch with us at

No two people’s situation is the same. We vary in our choices, our background, our personal circumstances and the way we handle pressure. But for those in debt there are some common traits“. “I never thought it would get to this point”. “I have been living off credit for years”. “I have been left high and dry by ….”. By what exactly?

How did we get here? Often there is no reckless spending or anything to show fir our debt. We have just been caught in a trap of changing circumstances and credit dependency. The start point could very easily be something beyond our control. Redundancy, illness, a broken relationship. There’s no choice but t yes the overdraft or the credit card for essentials. We find another job, but not paid for another month. The debt begins to grow.

Or the illness leads to statutory sick pay which is woefully inadequate[KW1]  to deal with the juggling of finances. Our partner decides to leave and that means all the bills plus often all the debts. And of course debt very easily develops a life of its own.

But one factor in the feelings of shame or embarrassment when people seek help for debt issues, is the perception that somehow it’s all my fault. And very very often – it’s not. We have enough of an issue to practically deal with the debt, than to add to it all by so much self-beating. The reality is we are often a victim of circumstances – what is vital, is that we face up to the situation we find ourselves in and work on a best fit solution.