Light at the end of the tunnel is a recurring theme for those winning the battle to complete an IVA successfully. Its a recurring phrase because it sums up that dawning of hope against a backdrop of darkness and despair.  Many who enter an IVA have lived a long time in a state of perpetual hopelessness. The sheer sense of relief is tangible. Another cliché is “finally I could sleep at night”. But it’s a cliché because it’s true for so many. Saddled with debt, night time can be the worst time of all as our minds play havoc with our impossible situation. And now – we have a real solution. One single affordable payment each month to cover all debts, plus the knowledge that we are legally protected from creditor action and that we gave an end point in sight when we will be free of all debt. Little wonder we sleep better.

And the tunnel may relate not just to the bad old pre-IVA days, but also to the hard times in an IVA when we feel we’re working hard for little reward, when 5 years feels like a lifetime or when the cupboards seem unusually bare. And in such time we need to be reminded – there is light at the end of the tunnel! And the nearer the end of the IVA, the brighter the light becomes.