Brexit has dominated the news for 3+ years now. Whichever side of the fence we find ourselves on, there can be little doubt that the deal/no deal/remain debate is exhausting and ultra-divisive.


But it seems one thing that all are agreed on is that at least in the short term things are not going to be easy if we leave the EU. Even staunch leavers admit that there will be some bumps in the road – some higher costs to endure. Which is not too bad if you are a millionaire to begin with, but not quite so straightforward if you are already feeling the pinch.


For many people, Brexit may well be the tipping point from being a JAM (just about managing) to being seriously in debt. The volatility of the market place could affect interest rates, household bills, food and clothing etc. Maybe more than ever before we need to be aware of options regarding debt solutions.


There is no one size fits all with these options. A different solution will apply to different circumstances and personal preference. So we explore the details – the pros and cons of various possibilities. We are not going to be convinced by the first person we speak to or the first suggestion made. If an IVA is a better solution than a Debt Management Plan then we need to understand why. And vice versa!  Which is why on the Forum, experts are constantly advising that enquirers should speak with more than one company before deciding the best route for them.