"It was the secrecy that nearly killed me" reported Helen who finally found peace of mind in the acceptance of an IVA. She had hid her growing debt problem from her partner throughout their relationship. And the partner was oblivious to the sense of shame, helplessness and panic that Helen felt. When challenged she put it down to pressure at work – but the real reason remained hidden.


Helen explored options online and eventually plucked up courage to speak to an advisor about her debt. Initially she was sceptical – she had heard horror stories of people trying to get help with debt, finding themselves in more debt due to the unscrupulous practices of companies. Who can you trust these days? But the advice made sense, and she was encouraged that no upfront costs were involved and help was actually available. Armed with a sample IVA proposal she felt slightly more confident about a way forward.


Following some soul searching and following a sleepless night, she explained all to her partner. After the initial surprise and disappointment, her partner was supportive and reassuring. Helen was keen to ensure that she dealt with the issue her way – it was her debt and her solution - but the sense of relief at knowing she was not alone in facing this was tangible.


Not everyone feels able to share their most personal issues – and would rather keep things to themselves, but for Helen the secrecy was affecting not just her finance but her health and her relationship. The IVA was about her debt, her solution and her resolve to ensure it worked. But she was very grateful that she had a partner with a sympathetic ear and a supportive approach.