There were many different reasons for my need for an IVA.  Change of job and relocation were two of the big ones.  Miscalculation of my finances throughout 2016 led to over spending and credit cards being increased.  I also had the additional costs of becoming a father for the first time.

In February or March 2017 I decided that it was make or break time and that I had to do something.  I contacted my bank but they couldn't provide a consolidation loan and nor could anyone else. There was a real sense of helplessness as no one seemed to understand the situation I was in.


When contacting a debt solutions company I immediately felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and a solution to my situation could be found. My family and I now live much more within our means and we have budgeted for the rest of the year.  It is much easier to pay £139 than to struggle paying over £800 a month in just debt.


My main tip is to get advice as soon as you know you are struggling with debts.  I set up a new bank account as advised which was easily done and my IVA Company have been extremely helpful in having documentation formally sent and for me and saw the application process through.


I did contact a number of companies before settling on the one that I decided to apply through. Some companies I spoke to made me feel I was just a number and were very pushy and had little personal interest in me. The advisor who helped me set up my IVA was very different and took time to explain things carefully to me as well as explaining all options open to me. He was patient and gave me time to process what I was hearing. I think it’s worth talking to several people to find the right one who can really help – unless of course you’re lucky to find that person on your first call.


My IVA has only just begun but I am full of hope now that my debts have been put into a plan that I can actually afford. And of course, I look forward to that day when I will be debt-free. It can’t come soon enough!