As a mum of 3 although working I guess things started by putting bits of clothes on the credit or store card when needed, the big one was when I got a new car, had an accident and wrote it off 2 months after getting it in an accident I was liable for. My insurance increased to almost triple and I hadn't considered gap insurance so had a large payment to make to clear the finance due to the shortfall from my insurance pay out, you guessed it, it went on the credit card. And of course after a while I simply couldn’t afford the repayments.


My mum helped me out financially as much as she could buying bits for the kiddies, helping with childcare to enable me to save from paying that, but our family was hit by tragedy when she died suddenly in February this year, it was so traumatic and such a shock I was off work a while of course not getting paid, but my finances not been my priority were getting out of control. 


Once I felt a bit stronger I googled debt plans and read up about the IVA, it sounded too good to be true I was in disbelief. I eventually contacted the debt help company I had read about and was looked after by Keith, who was so helpful and I never once felt judged or at fault. Keith talked me through the whole process, I sent the details he had requested which was straight forward enough, and it took no time what so ever, my meeting with the creditors was May the 17th 2017. My IVA has been approved and my debts are all consolidated into 1 affordable monthly payment of £85 instead of £350 that I had been trying to pay.


I'm so relieved and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am so glad I googled that day and came across the Company that helped me. I am sure the 5 years will be a long time in learning about living within a carefully put together budget, but the knowledge that my debt is now under control and I can afford the payment has meant I can live properly and look after my children.