I was living each day and trying to keep up with bills, food and expenses working to try make ends meet. The credit card took the pressure off most months. I was always intending to pay if off each month. Did that happen? No.  I would pay an amount and leave a bit. Then eventually I was paying the interest only and the bill never came down. Then somehow the card was having to be used to live and survive. I was paying all the bills but it left no money for food. We had to eat so we paid on the card. The sleepless nights started as I was wondering when this was going to get any better! Until the day when there was no more available credit on the cards. 

I just happened to be reading something and I saw an advertisement for debt help and decided to give the firm a call. I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing and was scared and worried. Then a lovely man answered who was so kind. He listened and understood me. I thought I'm not on my own anymore – it was such a relief. They sorted with me a plan called an IVA which suited me so well. I realised there was hope. Although I was still scared I was making the right decision but realised things couldn't be any worse than they already were.

Each year on renewal it is stress free and they are always there to listen and help. After 4 years into the 5year plan there has been a few times where payment was hard e.g. a broken washer. But I rang them and they arranged for me to have a payment break. Which was a godsend. And we now feel it's the best thing we have done. Final year and all the distress and mess will be behind us. And I have learned from this never to have a credit card again! If I can't afford it I’ll wait and save. The credit cards and loans are a downhill spiral that create far too many problems! I would recommend to anyone who is struggling on the downhill spiral to seek help as soon as possible. There is someone there for you. 

I do work full time and so does my husband. This can happen to anyone and life can be hard at times. It happens to the best of us. I no longer have sleepless nights about money as it was made to be an affordable monthly payment. So at least I'm not working for nothing. 

I want to thank all involved in my case and I will be forever grateful. Especially to Keith who answered my call in my dark time.