We were only 18 when we got our first mortgage my husband lost his job a few years later and we started to live off credits cards and loans and didn’t realise what a mess we were actually in until we were having to pay credit card bills from another credit card.  I couldn’t sleep at night and if was affecting my job because I was so worried until we contacted a very helpful debt company who very quickly made us feel like it wasn’t the end of the world.  I never thought in a million years we would be able to sort the situation out as easily as we did.


The process was so easy they did it all for us no hassle they kept us informed throughout the whole time. I was a little nervous when told that we need not pay any of my debts as we could not afford them and letters started coming in the post but I was reassured throughout not to worry and to send any mail I received to them to sort out. 


I have had a few challenging times throughout my IVA when I have had to purchase  a washing machine that broke but my IVA supervisor has been fantastic and allowed me to miss the months payment.  I have had a number of changes that were sorted easily without any hassle.


I am about 3 months from the end of my IVA and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done I feel so relieved that I am almost at the end.  I am looking forward to starting a fresh and getting on with my life.  I have advised a couple of my friends who have been in the same position as me to apply for an IVA and they have done they also says it the best thing they have ever done.