After years of struggling to pay bills and debts, my wife and I finally decided enough was enough and needed to seek help. My wife's anxiety was at an all-time high and not only was it making her ill with stress and worry it was affecting our family life. I looked online and found some IVA websites, after entering a few details online I soon received a phone call from a man called Keith, he asked me for a few further details and rather than feel like we were going through an information sheet with constant questions, Keith spoke kindly to us about our situation made me feel relaxed and comfortable to talk to him about what had been troubling us most. By the end of the conversation me and more importantly my wife felt like a HUGE weight had been lifted. We started the process of applying for the IVA and within no time it was set up, agreed by creditors and a monthly payment amount agreed.

We have been in our IVA for nearly 3 years now- just over half way through. We have had no issues at all, it’s made life so much easier and we no longer deal with the stress and worry caused by our debts. Whenever we have any change in circumstances we keep to our terms and notify them straight away. They are kind and patient no matter what worry or doubt we may have regarding our IVA, we just pick up the phone and problem solved and worry gone. Our only regret is that we didn't sort an IVA out sooner.

When we initially started the IVA it was a struggle to stick to the money we had. No overdraft and no loans meant we lived on the money we had and no handouts from anywhere else. I have to be honest – it was a big change and wasn’t altogether easy. As time has gone on it has got so much easier and if anything it has taught us how to budget our money, how to organise our bills and more importantly how to live a debt free life. We cannot wait for the day we receive our IVA completion letter, but for now we are living life stress and worry free and happily has a family should be.