Once we have made our final payment into the IVA, it will be up to the Insolvency Practitioner to complete the IVA paperwork. They will check if there are any additional monies or overtime that need to be paid in from your final year or final months of the IVA. They will want to review your final payslip(s). During the IVA, it is likely that they will have checked if you were entitled to any PPI refund which goes into the IVA. If this is incomplete, then the completion certificate could be delayed.

As soon as the Insolvency Practitioner is satisfied that you have paid everything you need to, they’ll start the work of officially closing your IVA. There may be some final administration to complete such as writing reports or making final payments to creditors. And then – you will receive your completion certificate – or just an official signed letter.

It should be a matter of weeks or a few months at most before you receive this unless there is some complication. Such complications could relate to the sale of an asset that is yet to complete or a delay in the PPI claim. If there is a delay we have a right to know and the right to a reasonable explanation.

The creditors will be informed by the Insolvency Practitioner that the debts are cleared so there is no need for you to do anything. The Insolvency Service will also be informed and within a few months of the completion your details should drop off the register. Its wort checking that it has – and if not, click on “report an error” at the bottom of the page detailing your case, and explain what is wrong.